Arabic Alphabet

I just joined talkinarabic, and so far really enjoying it. However, it seems that it does not teach the alphabet. Or am I just missing it? If it doesn’t teach the alphabet, any recs on good resources for learning it?

It’s taken me a while. The arabic alphabet differs only slightly from ours, it’s not aa tough as it first appears!

My two recommendations are:

Check out the Learn with Maha videos on YouTube. She teaches the alphabet in six videos, and it’s great because she explains how vowels work, and how each letter is written changes depending on where it is in the word. Her lessons helped me go from memorising an alphabet chart to being able to pick out letters and read a word.

If you don’t have the ankidroid app, check that out too. It is a flashcard system that helps you to learn and remember words. You can type in arabic letters and use flashcards to test whether you know what they are.

If all else fails, the Arabic alphabet song on YouTube is annoyingly good!

We’ll have alphabet lessons added shortly.

Thank you. Lessons on the Arabic alphabet are much needed. The chart on the chat alphabet was helpful.