Best Way To Start


I have just joined, what is the best place to start learning Levantine Arabic? Is it literally going throgh the beginner videos and memorising the words?

Hi Waseem,

I highly recommend Pimsleur Approach Eastern Arabic. That will get you speaking on day one. By the end of three months, you’ll be astonished how much Arabic you can speak. Then check out Mango Languages (sign up through your library). Between those two, and a copy of talkinarabic essential Levantine verb pack, you’ll be in a good conversational place.


Did you ever get any guidance on this, Waseem? I have the same problem in Egyptian. I have paid my money for this course, but there is no obvious structure, no guidance, and no support!

Hi Nick,

I was just memorizing words at first as well. I joined this site three weeks ago. I read the tip about Mango Languages on this forum. Very grateful for that info. I signed up for a card at my local library and I am amazed how much I have learned in 3 weeks with Mango Languages free of charge as long as you have a library card. I called my library first to see if they offered the Mango Language Database as some don’t have this wonderful tool. If that goes well I will try the recommendation of Pimsleur Approach for Eastern Arabic. But not just yet. Much too learn with Mango. My membership for this site expires in 8 days. Not sure if I will renew at this time. It is helpful but because I am a brand new beginner with zero knowledge of Levantine Arabic I needed something with a bit more structure.