Chadian/Darfurian Arabic (Shuwa), Yemeni and Juba Arabic.

Ni Hao,

Would be great if Chadian/Darfurian Arabic were added to this site. It’s not the most useful for most people but it is important for people traveling to Chad, Niger,far Northern Nigeria and Western Sudan(Darfur). So this would be useful for aide workers and folks working with NGOs in the region in addition to the few tourists there.

Down the line, it’d be nice to see Yemeni Arabic on here as well as it is considered closest to the classical and Yemen would be interesting visit as well. It is also spoken (by educated Muslims) in Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti.

Finally, the addition of Juba Arabic(South Sudanese) would be fascinating. It is a colonial pidgin Arabic spoken in South Sudan. Again, mostly of use to NGO workers and a few travelers.

Other obscure dialects to consider: Hasaniya(Mauritania + Sahrawi Republic), Libyan and whatever dialect is spoken in the Comoros (Juzur al qamr).



Hi Ross!

Thanks for all the awesome suggestions.

Yemeni and Libyan are a real possibility this year for us. Also one of the contributors for our Sudanese content is actually from Darfur himself.