Do you want to watch a series in Egyptian Arabic? Watch this?


عاملين إيه ؟ كويسين؟

Hi everyone,

Hope all is doing well and hope you’re studies in ECA is going well as well. Are you watching something nowadays in ECA? You can tell me in the comments what are the films/ series or songs that you’ve watched or listened to recently.

Here is a recommendation from me. This is a comedy series and it’s filled with everyday situations that will be useful in your studies.

It’s called عايزة أتجوز check out this link:–S3bes6Ne0

Hi Mona,

Recently, I had watched the movie Asma for a class assignment. It was a very good movie with a good story line. I had trouble understanding most of it without English subtitles, but nonetheless I was able to hear some of the words that I already know. In sha2 Allah in the near future I will be able to understand more and more. If you could recommend films or series that may be easier to comprehend for intermediate levels, that would be great!

Hey Mona,
Alhamdulillah im doing well. You?

I have quite a few favorite movies that was suggested to me by my Egyptian husband. There is only one with subtitles but the rest of them are great for listening and I would ask him what is going on or being said if I can’t keep up. Alhamdulillah I am understanding more as time goes on but it does take time. In sha Allah I will be fluent in the future but for now, I can speak and write a bit to him and his family. As for movies… My favorite with subtitles would be “Hassan wa Morcus” from 2008. Though i caught myself just reading the subtitles instead of listening so i take them off now. Others (without subtitles): “Fe Mahatet Masr”, “365 yom Saada” and the best one is “Ramadan Mabrook”. There were others he showed me and recommended but these are my favorite to watch repeatedly.