Function of ده


I have a question about the function of ده in Shady’s video about bad health habits in Egypt. In the first case we see it used like:

ده بيسببلهم إحراج أو متاعب

This may cause embarrassment or troubles

And in the second:

الحقيقة ده بيبقى

In fact, our weight is increasing

In the first case is it functioning like "this"? (د meaning this and ه referring back to the process of losing weight) and in the second like "our weight"???

The videos are GREAT!!! You guys are definitely keeping me busy

Hi Melanie,

Sorry for the super late reply!

Actually ده means exactly the same thing in both sentences. It’s just that the second sentence when translated in the same order as the Arabic is a little confusing, so the English translation is flipped around.

Also increasing is not a literal translation here. It’s literally ‘it keeps our weight heavy’. I think we’ll have to adjust the subtitles on this one.

It’s literally:

In fact, this is because of a few things especially in the Egyptian culture. Bad habits we have/do in(with) food, it keeps our weight heavy.