Future Tense

I had asked this question a few days ago under a video, in the comment section, however I still have not received a response. I was wondering what the difference between adding “h” and “7” was when conjugation verbs for the future tense. Please let me know :slight_smile: thank you in advanced!

I believe ‘h’ and ‘7’ are just two different ways of transliterating the letter ح - it makes a ‘h’ sound but kind of looks like a 7, so both symbols are used for transliteration. Hopefully someone will correct me if that’s not correct, but I’m pretty sure there is no actual difference, merely a difference in preference for how to spell letters using the English alphabet.


‘7’ is ‘ح’, and ‘h’ is ‘ه’, there is a difference in the pronunciation! I’ll give you two words, if you know how to pronounce them you’ll know the difference between the two letters. Mar7aba (مرحبا) and 2ahlan (أهلا). If you do not know how to pronounce them, you could try to find these words in some resources on this or other pages. Or try to copy them to google translate, and listen. Hopefully this is going to help you.


The 7 letter is a more explosive H sound… a real Haa! Whereas the small h letter is the gentle h sound we have in English.
There really should be a video in this program explaining the difference in the Arabic sounds. Best