Going to Palestine in 5 months


My name is Baraa, and I’m from California. My ethnicity is Palestinian, both my parents are from the west bank. This September I am flying out to Palestine to live there for a little while. I’d like to improve on my speaking Arabic beforehand and that is why I have joined Talk in Arabic.
My Arabic is very week at the moment and I can barely carry a conversation, small talk at best. I hope to get at least to an intermediate to an advanced level by September. Where should I start?

Thank you for your help!

Marhaba Baraa!

I’m going to Palestine in the fall to learn Arabic as well :slight_smile: Where will you be living?

One of the best things I can recommend is starting to take private lessons with a native speaker. I’ve improved SO fast (even though I started only being able to do small talk). There are a few different websites you can use and the prices are pretty reasonable at about $15/hour. I do 2-3 lessons a week which might sound like a lot of $, but group classes are MUCH more and I’m learning a lot faster.

The website I use is verbling.com. My teacher’s name is Raghda from Palestine. She’s absolutely wonderful if you need a recommendation :slight_smile: italki.com is another good option

Good luck!