Hello! / مرحبا

Hello! My name is Przemek and I live in Poland. I am a language geek. Arabic is one of my favorite languages. I took to learning it seriously over a year ago, having chosen MSA to get the strong base for further studies. Now I think it is time to pick a colloquial and it will be Egyptian as most widely understood dialect. Sincerely speaking I learned it a bit over a year ago, before I set up my mind on MSA.

I also love to travel. I have traveled to Morocco and Egypt and I liked it there. I hope learning a language will help me get access to more knowledge about the culture, customs etc., and especially it will help me to better communicate with people.

Thank you for creating this site. I hope it will help me much in making fast progress, although I am aware that learning a language is a long process. I guess I will not stop at it. Next I would like to pick up Levantine, but I leave it for later.