Hijazi Dialect


Recently I decided to learn Urban Hijazi Dialect and after a while searching information about it I came across a course called FSI - Saudi Arabian Arabic Course (Hijazi Dialect). This course contains an e-book and audio files but I can’t help to notice that it is very old so I wonder, is this the same Hijazi the people from Jeddah speaks today? Or are there many variations?

Hi, just looking through a pdf of the FSI, basic phrases look mostly the same, I’d find some of it inappropriate like the political stuff. There have definitely been some changes in terms of more najdi and english terms being used but the vocabulary would all still apply and of course there are many more variations such as the street level slang spoken by the youth and the immigrant communities in jeddah. I haven’t heard the audio files but paired with other resources like this website and other media its a good start.