How do I know the vowel?

I’ve been trying to learn Arabic and just signed up for TalkinArabic. I used DuoLingo for quite a few months. But since I want to speak/ understand Saudi Arabic, decided to sign up for TalkinArabic. As I’m going through the beginner .pdf’s (animals, vegetables, etc.), how do I know what vowel sound is used with the consonant? The .pdf doesn’t list the little symbols above below the letter like I saw in MSA on DuoLingo. Does Saudi not use them? Please advise. Thanks!

Hello LynneS,

these little symbols are called “vowel signs”, in Arabic: 7arakat (حركات) or Tashkeel (تشكيل).
These vowel signs are usually not used, especially in Arabic dialects, because there are basically no spelling rules in “Saudi” Arabic, since it’s a spoken Arabic dialect. You will simply have to memorize the vowel between every consonant, for every word. Sounds more difficult than it is. By time, it gets easier and easier, and you will even be able to guess the right pronunciation without knowing the word. I hope, I was able to help you. If you need anyone to practice Arabic with, or know more about dialects etc., feel free to message me on Telegram: c0ruba

Best regards