How is the meaning of راه and how to use it?


in the lesson “maybe_algerian”, is a sample sentence: بالاك لورديناتور راه خاسر
How to use راه and what’s the meaning of it?
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Hello Sercan,

“Rah” is a conjugate verb and we use it a lot with adjectives, for example:

  • Rani mrid = I am sick
  • Rahu mrid = he is sick
  • Rahi mrida= she is sick
  • Rana mrad = we are sick
  • Rakum mrad = you are sick (Plural)
  • Rahum mrad = They are sick
    Hope everything is clear now. Feel free te ask if you have any inquires :slight_smile:

Oh, I understand it now, I totally forgot that راني means I am and so راه he is ?
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For “He is” we can say “Rah” or “Rahu” same thing.
“Ordinateur” is a masculin noun and it’s a french word, this why we use it with “Rah”
I will give you another example with a feminin noun “Sa3a” which means “Watch”: Balek Sa3ti (or Sa3a diali/Ta3i) rahi khasra.
Adjectives are also conjugated depending on the noun’s gender.

I see! I understand :slight_smile: Can you please add Arabic script again? I can type pretty fast on the keyboard in Arabic, but I don’t know how to type words correctly if I see them in Franco… And I don’t want to use websites like “”, so it’s better to get it from a native speaker.
بارك الله فيك يا خويا الكريم :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile:
.بالاك ساعتي راهي خاسرة
.بالاك ساعتي راهي فاسدة
.بالاك ساعتك ماراهيش (ماهيش) تمشي مليح
“Fasda” and “khasra” are synonyms.
“Balak Sa3tk marahich temshi mlih” means "Maybe your watsch doesn’t work well.
“Mahich” is the contraction of “marahich”.
.بلا مزية. ادا عندك كاش سؤال, راني هنا
You’re welcome. If you have any question, I am here :slight_smile: