How to say "my car" in Algerian Arabic?


in the lesson “also_algerian”, is a sample sentence: عندي لوطو وعندي فيلو تاني
So, لوطو means car, and I know that the possessive suffix for “my” is ي, but I think لوطي means gay in Arabic. That’s confusing me.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello Sercan!!!
In Algiers we say for:
My car = Tonobil ta3i/diali or Tonobilti
This is my car = Hadi Tonobil ta3i/diali
I have a car = 3andi Tonobil

Hello, thank you for the answer. How to type them in Arabic script?

طنوبيل ديالي/ تاعي -
هدي طنوبيل ديالي/ تاعي-
طنوبيلتي -
Beer in mind that the majority of Algerians write the Darija with Latin characters. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you very much!!