Learning Moslawi Dialect, I am absolute beginner, where should I start?


I am absolute beginner and I was looking around in the website, but I have no idea where I should start really.

I live in Norway and I have friends who talks Moslawi, and I really would like to learn their language.

Few weeks ago I got this email from you (TalkinArabic): “We work with Moslawi speakers on our site’s content so you may find our material quite useful.”

I am wondering if there any Moslawi speaker here who could help me to guide through step by step. what should I do first, what should I learn next, so on so on.

Please help :slight_smile:



Ok, anyone else?:slight_smile:

I have a feeling that I will not get help and not find any material in Moslawi Dialect, but still I would like to know good books, audio lessons that would help me the learn the Iraqi dialect. I own the Modern Iraqi Arabic by Yasin M. Alkalesi, I have the Pimsleur eastern dialect series (even if it is not really Iraqi dialect), is there anything else that I should check out?

Thank you.


I have the same problem in Egyptian. I have paid my money for this course, but there is no obvious structure, no guidance, and no support!

Yep, and I have payed for the whole year.

Well, well.

I just try everything now until I find the right place to study Arabic.

But I will never jump to an annual membership again.

Thanks, David. I have tried to contact these people by email, twitter and through these forums, but no response.

I have cancelled my monthly payment, and going to raise a dispute with PayPal to get back the money I have paid. This is worthless.