Levantine speakers on Skype

Does anyone have some resources where you can get in touch with people to talk on Skype?

Hi Andrew,

Most of our teachers and contributors offer Skype sessions here.

I have Skype, I haven’t used it in awhile. It’s funny I came across this post because if I was about to make a post to see if there are others I can connect with via Skype or Facebook Messenger to practice the dialect with. I’ve taken a basic Arabic class at school and I also use this site to learn more until I enroll for the second part of Arabic in the Fall. If I anyone want someone to practice with I’m more than welcome to Skype or FB messenger when the time is available…

Demond, I’d love to practice with you on skype or FB messenger!

i sent you an email!

Hi - I’m a native English speaker/tutor in USA (eastern time zone) looking for a language partner to exchange conversations via Skype. Am at beginner+ level in Syrian Colloquial Arabic and would like to connect with native Syrians who want to practice/improve their English.