Resources for Learners of Tunisian Arabic

Looking for learning resources of Tunisian Dialect? Here are a few things that I have struggled searching on the internet.

If you are looking for an online dictionary, Mo3jam is by far the largest online dictionary of colloquial Arabic/Arabic slang. is also a site to learn a few useful tunisian words that you can use when visiting Tunisia.

The Google app is also very useful. There are two of them. One is for those who are working in the military, and the other is for those who are working in the medical field. These apps are simply phrasebooks and not suitable for linear study.

You can find a few books in Amazon about learning this language. Personally, I have not tried any of them yet. I am using an old photocopied book which I borrowed from a friend. It is being used extensively by the Tunisian Peace Corps and written by Taoufik Ben Amor. The title of the book is “A Beginner’s Course in Tunisian Arabic”. Sadly, I can’t find audio resources.

There are also a few videos on youtube. One is maintained by a certain “BeZ Rules”, which is the most relevant because it is still relatively new and he keeps creating videos.

I hope this helps.

Just an update.

I found a book worth studying at entitled “Tunisian Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary” authored by Matthew Aldrich and co-authored by Lilia Khachroum. It has audio also. You can download a sample of the e-book and some sample audio files (mp3).