Study and Practice through Skype and/or Facebook Messenger for FREE

Hello! I just finished a basic Arabic Class(Levantine Dialect) at a community college where I live and I have some downtime until Arabic 2 starts in the Fall. I was hoping I can find someone here to study and practice with sharing knowledge and having small building up to intermediate conversation with, this is my way of staying sharp and learning more for the both of us and I will be prepared for Fall class. Are there others I can connect with via Skype or Facebook Messenger to practice the dialect with. Like I earlier stated I’ve taken a basic Arabic class at school and I also use this site to learn more vocabulary until I enroll for the second part of Arabic in the Fall. If anyone want someone to practice with I’m more than happy to Skype or FB messenger when the time is available, I stay in Wisconsin, USA so if you are in the same Time Zone that would be extremely helpful, but ANY practice buddy would be appreciated Thanks and Peace.

Hello, Demon. I would love to practice building Arabic knowledge/vocabulary with someone! Please let me know if you are still interested. I have taken basic Arabic courses and I learned the grammar on my own; however, I want to enrich my vocabulary and start speaking more fluently.

Sure Abdul, no problem my email is let’s exchange contact info, I also have WhatsApp as well! Hope to hear from you soon! Be sure to add me on Facebook just inbox me to let me know you have a profile on so I where I know you from…