TIA Community Rules

We encourage you to engage with other members here on the Community section.

Unfortunately, there are a minority of people who can’t help but try to ruin the experience for others. With this in mind, please follow the following community rules:


(a) Harass others,
(b) Harass moderators,
© Bully others,
(d) Threaten others,
(e) Stalk others,
(f) Spam,
(g) Post content infringing on the intellectual property rights of another party,
(h) Promote illegal activities,
(i) Promote tortuous activities,
(j) Post obscene material,
(k) Promote violent conduct,
(l) Promote drug dealing,
(m) Upload viruses,
(n) Upload malware,
(o) Upload any invasive software,
§ Upload child pornography,
(q) Promote crimes against children,
® Solicit members for gambling,
(s) Advertise services without our consent,
(t) Advertise products without our consent,
(u) Promote fraud,
(v) Promote contests without our consent,
(w) Promote pyramid schemes,
(x) Promote false information, or
(y) Provide misleading information.

Also bear in mind that this is not the place to request help with your account or billing issues. If you need help with this, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks a lot.


Very cool resource found at TIA!