What is the difference between Emarat and Saudi


I am trying to learn the Emarat dialect. What are some of the differences between Emarat and Saudi? Also, does anyone have a good translation of these sentence?

مرجعة ذلك إلى احتمال وجود «عيب أمان» في «وحدة نفخ الوسائد الهوائية» للسائق للسيارة الأولى، وبغرض استبدال مجموعة «حزام الأمان» في السيارة الثانية.

My main questions about the sentence are what does مرجعة mean? and should’t driver and car be plural based on the context when it says للسائق للسيارة الأولى?

here is a link the whole article http://www.emaratalyoum.com/business/local/2017-01-12-1.960647

There are a few differences between the dialects such as pronunciation and vocabulary but they are largely similar and mutually intelligible. I suspect you are probably referring to najdi arabic as opposed to hijazi which is further away from emirati dialect.

In this context context مرجعة means reason, ie سبب ذلك

And as for the phrase لسائق للسيارة الأولى, I’m suspected a typo and should read لسائق السيارة الأولى

it is singular as it is referring to the driver of the first car.

I can see it’s been a while since you posted, so you’ve probably figured it out by now anyway. It’s shame these forums aren’t used more frequently.

Is the iraqi dialect offered here more similar to UAE and Bahrain dialect, or is the Saudi dialect closer? I too would like to learn the conversational language for uae and Bahrain.

Saudi dialect much closer to UAE and Bahrain dialect

Hello dear,

As an Iraqi native and having heard the saudi, emirati and bahraini dialicts; i found that the bahraini dialict is the closest then the emirati and lastly the saudi dialict.
There are no huge differences between the iraqi and emirati dialicts however, so you can pick up the emirati dialict when you get very well in iraqi dialict.

I hope this is of help to you eventhough it’s been quite a long time since you’ve published your question.


Differences in culture and dialicts are minor!
Regarding the dialicts: when you get fluent in emirati you will pick the saudi one and vice versa.
There will be a few words differences here and there but they are not major.